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Open in Covid-19
Nice place close to hotel has shops and some food open during Covid restrictions. While staying at nearby hotel and unsettled schedule we needed basic items and meals. The location is convenient. ... read more
Travelerjay via - Nov 23, 2020
Exceptional Tiramisu ... read more
Mary Pascal via - Nov 21, 2020
The croissant and pastries are very good, the service exceptionally courteous and prompt. I shall make a point to stop by when I am in the area.
Mario Mejia via - Nov 15, 2020
My husband and I come here 2-3 ...
My husband and I come here 2-3 times a month mainly for their scones.  We usually come around 8:30am.  More often than not, we are disappointed to find  all scones are gone.  You would think they would bake more as I'm sure they could sell more.  They usually have lots of croissants and brioche and a few almond croissants left.  So w ... read more
Belinda G. via - Nov 15, 2020
So wonderful having a french bakery close by, my whole family loves their tasty delights! (If you haven't tried these, their chocolate chip macarons are so tasty!) ... read more
Margaret Strickland via - Nov 12, 2020
I love the pastries - and coffee - the staff are always friendly
I love the pastries - and coffee - the staff are always friendly ... read more
Marvilyn Partee via - Nov 11, 2020
Never disappointed with the almond croissants. The head boss man is awesome! The wife not so much unfortunately.
Shannon C via - Nov 11, 2020
Cute village near the beach
There are many restaurants in this village to suit a variety of dining tastes and experiences. It's pleasant to walk around; however I was disappointed in the small number of craft -type stores that I expect to find in similar places.
Anngmesa via - Nov 3, 2020
Great quality bread, pastries, cakes, breakfast and lunch. I always am served quickly and with a smile. Magnifique!
Eric Germundson via - Nov 1, 2020
This place is always fantastic! We always make it a point to stop here when we come into town.
Wesley via - Oct 31, 2020
The Florentines are to die for!! AMAZING!! Everything is good, including superb croissants, but the Florentines (buttercream filled rolled lace cookies with the ends dipped in dark chocolate) ... there are no words... A little pricey, but worth every centime. :-) ... read more
D Cunningham via - Oct 29, 2020
Very good French pastries. Not a huge selection, probably due to the pandemic, but tasty nonetheless! There can be a line in late afternoon.
dara olivarex via - Oct 29, 2020
Such a local treasure. If you haven't been, GO! Their pastry and breakfast is so good.
Brandice Burke via - Oct 28, 2020
Cruising around Carlsbad
Carlsbad Village is a great area to walk around go shopping, grab an ice cream, and then head to the beach. It can get very busy with beachgoers but it is well worth a visit. I love the Carlsbad sign over the street it makes it feel like you are in a small town USA. Even if you stop just for a quick visit it os well worth it.
B. Darst via - Oct 25, 2020
Good drink and food. Owner needs to stand outside and look in from Windows forward. Place is filthy.
David Moonan via - Oct 21, 2020
Cream bru le is awsome ... read more
Christopher Roman via - Oct 20, 2020
I love their lemon cake thingy and my husband loves their creme brulee. The fruit tarts filling was a little bland. But we still really love this place. Friendly service. Excited to try the other stuff.
Tonneila Rosamilia via - Oct 20, 2020
I had french onion soup and almond ...
I had french onion soup and almond croissant. Both tasted good and balanced; the soup has a lot of cheese in it(as it should) and very brothy but not greasy nor salty. Almond croissant is so crisp that it makes a crunch sound when you bite into it. The almond spread itself was really good and not too sweet.
Tracy C. via - Oct 16, 2020
I can't believe I waited all this time to stop in. We got a few pastries that had just came out of the oven. This will be my new go to place for birthdays and bread. Great service too. Highly recommend ... read more
Darla P via - Oct 7, 2020
Oh so yummy.
Andres Hark via - Oct 6, 2020
Beachy Vibe
The village has a mix of old and new. Lots of great restaurant choices and fun shopping. We were more comfortable during the day than in the evening. They have a nice walkway overlooking the beach. The sign over the street makes you feel like your back in the 1950's. ... read more
Travel the World via - Oct 6, 2020

I ordered a small and medium box, so 15 items (ate most of them) and here are my favorites:

#1 - Raspberry Macaroon dipped in chocolate was phenomenal. It had a thin layer of raspberry spread between two golden brown, moist macaroon layers. I only bought 1 - big mistake...soo
... read more
John S. via - Sep 28, 2020
It was loud, with a line to get in, but the staff were great and the pastries and tarts fantastic!
Traci Cummings via - Sep 27, 2020
My daughter works here. The pastries are absolutely the best.
David Arnott via - Sep 22, 2020
It's the real deal.
Dave Clark via - Sep 21, 2020
Returned here for more of their ...
Returned here for more of their delicious Almond Croissants. Unfortunately it was late afternoon, therefore they were out. Had a canoli, a brownie, and coffee. Both were delicious and so was the coffee! Clean place and friendly, helpful staff. Will be back earlier in the day next time soon for their awesome Almond Croissants.
... read more
Phillip L. via - Sep 12, 2020
I live in Los Angeles and always stop by this amazing bakery on my way to San Diego. It's a quick stop right off the freeway and the people are always friendly.
Brianne Castillo via - Sep 9, 2020
Had a blast!
Love love love Carlsbad. I think this town should be Carlsgood. My husband and I came here to celebrate our anniversary and will now be back every year!
TEAMJANETTE1975 via - Sep 7, 2020
Best French Bakery in SD County ... read more
John F via - Sep 5, 2020
Local Gem!
Great place to browse small shops and get a bit to eat! People were friendly and helpful! I enjoyed talking to Store clerks and found she was from Alabama originally! I will definitely go back when in the area.
Jenni G via - Sep 4, 2020
The best cakes and pies, and macaroons.
Orville Davis via - Sep 3, 2020
A perfect day in Carlsbad Village
To get away from the Inland Empire heat wave (108 degrees), we ventured to the coast for a day of relaxation and adventure. Landed up in Carlsbad Village (located just north of San Diego, California. Carlsbad Village is the downtown commercial area of Carlsbad, California located along the Pacific coast. This entire area is tourist ... read more
dnaleciz via - Sep 3, 2020
Chic and beautiful Carlsbad
Carlsbad is such a great upscale town where you have beach beaches, restaurants, small malls to go strolling. The place was family oriented and very clean. Love ambience of the village.
Reign68 via - Aug 29, 2020
Bustling even during COVID
Good or bad, there are lots of people, the restaurants are full, and it's a happening place. If it weren't for the masks, one might thing there is no COVID ... read more
BK122 via - Aug 29, 2020
Great food experience1
Prices were a little more expensive, I went down the road a little further go a lobster roll for half the price. But is was a nice town to roam around and bar hop, ... read more
Ms. TEE via - Aug 23, 2020
Nice stroll
There are some very nice little stores to look into and a few art galleries. It is a nice town to stroll around but a little too pricey for a long visit.
Alexandra T via - Aug 16, 2020
The butter Florentine is my ultimate ...
The butter Florentine is my ultimate favorites as well as the strawberry shortcake cakes and many more of their delicious assortments pastry. Also I love your homemade breads I shop there often I moved to Oceanside I miss it immensely I just wish that they would deliver this would make my dream come true thank you ever so kindly ... read more
Sosi K. via - Aug 12, 2020
Very delectable ... read more
Daniel Wells via - Aug 9, 2020
Best cake I ever had.
Bruce Dalrymple via - Aug 9, 2020
Im addicted to their raspberry ...
Im addicted to their raspberry macaroons bars and croissants that melt in your mouth.
Everything I've had here is delicious!
Elizabeth T. via - Aug 9, 2020
I get all of my Birthday cakes from here. I've been going here for years they have always made our birthdays that much better.
Sequia White via - Aug 7, 2020
Very Good!
John Wray via - Aug 6, 2020
Very nice area to explore
Wonderful area to walk and explore. Lots of coffee shops, restaurants, and stores of different varieties. Clean and people were friendly. Nice for when you need a break from the beach.
gypsymamma via - Jul 30, 2020
Such amazing baked goods
I can't say enough good things about the deliciousness of the food, the wonderful coffees, or the sweet employees. Also, very reasonable prices for the area. If I had my way, this bakery would be transplanted across the country and directly next to my house....More ... read more
gypsymamma via - Jul 30, 2020
Crepes are perfect! Desserts are outstanding. No wonder this family owned business has lasted through good times and bad.
Audrey Hickman via - Jul 29, 2020
Nice place to get a cake for whatever ...
Nice place to get a cake for whatever the occasion is such as birthdays. My family loves getting cakes here for every birthday we have. Recommend getting cakes here. Once you do you'll never want cakes anywhere else!
NorthCounty L. via - Jul 27, 2020
Hands down, this is the BEST pharmacy ...
Hands down, this is the BEST pharmacy. Adam is truly amazing! I was a minute late on Friday afternoon and Adam was locking up and walking out. He saw me walking up and he went out of his way to unlock the door, disarm the alarm, and get me my prescription! I am truly so thankful, he went above and beyond to help me out! The customer ... read more
Kelli B. via - Jul 26, 2020
Linda Licht via - Jul 23, 2020
A "must" on every visit to Carlsbad; their pastries are so fluffy, delicious and fresh, coffee is s
A "must" on every visit to Carlsbad; their pastries are so fluffy, delicious and fresh, coffee is smooth and flavorful, staff is always the happiest and friendliest! Croissant for breakfast, mixed fruit tart for a treat later, and whichever coffee I'm craving- every single time ... read more
Kas Nowak via - Jul 18, 2020
Vacation in Carlsbad
Walked around Carlsbad Village. They had a farmers market we enjoyed seeing all the local offerings. Fun little square. ... read more
Laurie D via - Jul 16, 2020
Awesome service and food!
Mark Kuhn via - Jul 11, 2020
Love that they don't do acrylics ...
Love that they don't do acrylics and use a lot of toxic products and harsh chemicals. Clean and safe environment. Thanks for reopening!
Leslie K. via - Jul 11, 2020
Love this place, the pastries here ...
Love this place, the pastries here are delightful and the service is always amazing. Been coming here for years and will continue to do so!
Monica G. via - Jul 9, 2020
I came in here with my friend yesterday ...
I came in here with my friend yesterday to get mani pedis and was so impressed with everything! First of all we were greeted right away when we first entered and sat right away. The precautions taken for Covid-19 were very thorough and everything was cleaned and sanitized. Laura did my nails and she did an amazing job, not to mention ... read more
Diana Y. via - Jun 29, 2020
One of the best French pasticcieri a San Diego!
Julian Franco via - Jun 24, 2020
Leisurely walk about!
Loved the area. So many shops, eatery's and interesting things to see. Clean and welcoming! Can't wait to come back!!
Josephine R via - Jun 17, 2020
I've been coming here for over 10 years strictly for cakes! They are always consistent with their delicious flavors. They also have pastries that are a must try! I don't think I've ever eaten there but I probably should. Highly recommend trying this place out if you haven't already. Family owned and friendly staff!
_ramseyrex via - Jun 14, 2020
As always fresh and delicious.
Deborah Gaye via - May 26, 2020
Delicious as always!
Mike Harris via - May 16, 2020
I love this pharmacy, so fast and ...
I love this pharmacy, so fast and reliable all my questions were all answered sufficiently. No doubt that this pharmacy deserved a  5 star rating! You won't regret getting your medication here!
Ic G. via - May 16, 2020
Excellent food friendly staff ... read more
riyad muwahid via - Apr 11, 2020
Carlsbad Village Intel: My daughter ...
Carlsbad Village Intel: My daughter wanted croissants this morning and I needed three things from Smart and Final Cbad Village Dr/The 5. We looooove the French bakery (right there with the hardware store, Golden Tee, and El Puerto). Called first but no answer or clarity whether they were open. Stopped in and Baker/Owner and (possibly ... read more
Carey H. via - Mar 30, 2020
I ordered lunch to-go here today ...
I ordered lunch to-go here today and it was delicious! I highly recommend the Brie panini with black forest ham!!! My co-worker got the cajun shrimp panini and he said it was really good too. Thanks for staying open during this time...I will be back soon!
Adam M. via - Mar 20, 2020
I got the most attentive pedicure ...
I got the most attentive pedicure that I have ever received.  The salon manager was very friendly and accommodating. I am from out of town but will definitely come back on my next trip.  Thank you for a wonderful European pedicure!!
Beth M. via - Mar 19, 2020
Daniel Sanchez via - Mar 15, 2020
Ive had several pedicures here ...
Ive had several pedicures here, mostly with my young daughter who is currently 9 years old.  It's convenient, friendly and accommodating to both me and my little one on every occasion. It's also really special to me to visit and patronize the charming Carlsbad Village.  I'm never disappointed.
Gena L. via - Mar 14, 2020
Tidy small town
I loved the laid back atmosphere in Carlsbad, where everyone seemed so chilled and happy. Several shops with plenty of parking options. There is a good selection of eateries and we had a great breakfast in one of the cafes each morning.
simply-peregrinating via - Mar 11, 2020
A relaxing stay
We enjoyed walking through the village. Lots of restaurants and shops. If you like antiques (farmhouse style as well), there are some great shops for that as well.
Susan M via - Mar 6, 2020
Charming Village By The Sea
Carlsbad Village is the city's classic commercial district right off the Pacific Ocean. There is a wide variety of restaurants, including some nice outdoor dining alternatives, along with shops and offices. Parking is plentiful and free in the evening. The Saturday evening we dined here there was a definite youthful vibe but folks ... read more
bverbos via - Mar 4, 2020
I was treated to a lovely European ...
I was treated to a lovely European mani/pedi yesterday in a calm & relaxing (and quiet) setting.  Laura was a professional all the way and I am looking forward to a return soon.
Rob R. via - Mar 3, 2020
The French Pastry Cafe made exquisite three tiered cakes for both our 30th and 50th Wedding Anniversaries! And we had a lovely 12 inch Grooms Cake made as well. We love Paris and all things done as only the French do to perfection! When we can’t get to Paris, what do we do? Go to the French Pastry Cafe, of course!
Gina Prentice via - Feb 27, 2020
Bars and Coffee Shops
Not really sure what we were supposed to find but we were surprised to find only places to drink with a few restaurants mixed in. Not really worth going unless trying to eat or drink. With that said we enjoyed eating and drinking at various spots. ... read more
Kkoleary via - Feb 25, 2020
My wife was having her birthday ...
My wife was having her birthday party and needed a cake, we looked at many places but decided to have this place make our special order cake. The employees were very attentive and the cake came out delicious. We will definitely buy future cakes from here again.
David K. via - Feb 23, 2020
Good place to visit especially on Market Day
Near the train station is the Tourist Office go there first, there is parking and the people are very helpful. If you have problem go to the station parking there always seems to be room there. The small theatre is always worth a visit along with the Artists studios and Gallery on State Street. Unfortunately, this year the Antique ... read more
lavender432014 via - Feb 23, 2020
The best bread ... read more
MARTA LOZANO via - Feb 20, 2020
Every time whoever in town I always take them here🍰☕️🙆‍♀️❗️
Every time whoever in town I always take them here🍰☕️🙆‍♀️❗️ ... read more
Kim Huynh via - Feb 19, 2020
Interesting shops about 1 block from the ocean
Gelato shop offers tasty, unique flavors. Generous portions available. You can select and combine multiple flavors. Reasonably priced. Highly recommended. Also, women's boutique next door featured linen garments. High quality, affordable prices.
Allan O via - Feb 18, 2020
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