Our History

Often times we are asked, “is Carlsbad French Pastry Cafè really French?” The answer: Of course!
When Parisian owner, Olivier Baudier, came to the United States after graduating professional restaurant school, he was waitering and bartending. In 1986, at a soccer game he met a fellow Frenchman, this one a pastry chef!

With his knowledge in restaurant management and help from his new pal, Olivier was able to open Carlsbad French Pastry Cafè in 1998. The first few years were tough, and the restaurant needed a lot of work, but with some elbow grease and his dreams in sight, he was able to build a strong clientele with regular customers. And how could he not with all the fresh breads, pastries, breakfasts, and lunches made in house daily?

From the beginning, Olivier had a dream of opening a successful business to support his family, and in the last twenty years he has certainly done just that. So stop by, grab a coffee and a fresh almond croissant, enjoy the music and laid back atmosphere with us at 1005 Carlsbad Village Dr, suite B.